The idea to organise the first InHERIT conference was initially discussed in 2017 due to concerns about the effects of modernity that threaten and erode cultural and physical heritage. In the efforts to promote the preservation and conservation of tangible and intangible heritage, the inaugural InHERIT conference, InHERIT2018, was held in Kuching, Sarawak, from 3 – 5 December 2018 with the main theme of "Sharing the Benefit of Our Inheritance Towards Sustainability".

During the first conference, a meeting with representatives from partner universities, namely Universitas Tanjungpura (UNTAN), Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), took place to discuss collaborations, the way forward and the host for the next InHERIT conference. As a result, UNTAN agreed to host the next InHERIT, which was decided to be held every two years, in 2020.

The second InHERIT conference with the main theme of "Challenges, Opportunities and Current Issues in Heritage Conservation" was planned to be organised in 2020. However, the conference was organised online a year later, on 14 – 15 December 2021, due to the COVID pandemic. In line with the tradition of organizing the conference every two years, the third InHERIT was decided to be organised once again by the University of Technology Sarawak (UTS) on 16 – 18 August 2023. This time the conference will be held at UTS's main campus in Sibu, Sarawak. The objective is to continue the efforts towards promoting the preservation and conservation of local heritage in light of the digitalisation era. InHERIT 2023 will provide a platform for keynote speakers from around different regions and specialities to share their initiatives and outcomes of documenting and preserving heritage.


The rationale to set up Research Centre for Borneo Regionalism and Conservation (BORC) is due to the existence of heritage buildings, structures, monuments and rich tangible and intangible cultures in Borneo that need to be documented and conserved. There are around 70 buildings gazetted by Museum Department of Sarawak [Jabatan Muzium Sarawak (JMS)] under the Sarawak Cultural Heritage Ordinance 1993. Many more buildings are planned to be gazetted by JMS. There are also numerous undocumented buildings, structures and monuments in Brunei, Sabah and Kalimantan, Indonesia. The centre is unique due to the application of science and technology in our conservation works. This is also in line with University of Technology Sarawak's mission and vision in upholding science and technology as the forefront of teaching, learning, research and innovation. The centre aims to provide technical and scientific knowledge for conservation in Borneo. Furthermore, the centre undertakes the research, promotes innovation in conservation and collaborates with the neighbouring state, Sabah and the countries of Brunei and Kalimantan, Indonesia. The centre also provides consultancy services, expertise and human capital requirements to facilitate conservation practice in Borneo based on science and technology.


University of Technology Sarawak (UTS) is the only university which is wholly owned by Sarawak State government. It was set up in 2013 under the Private Higher Education Institution Act 1996. It is situated on a 90 acres piece of land in Sibu, one of the main gateways into Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

The UTS campus is a state-of-the-art structure that combines the organic artistry of the human imagination with the transcendent qualities of technological advancement. Currently recognized as the only university campus in the world awarded with the prestigious Platinum Rating in the Green Building Index (GBI), the stunning architecture of UTS fundamentally promotes sustainability and efficient energy utilization. Visitors would definitely find themselves charmed by the serenity of the lush rainforest canopies surrounding the campus grounds. UTS is also equipped with extensive tangible infrastructure for research & development such as fully equipped laboratories, ICT equipment and other related facilities for effective R&D initiatives.

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Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Sustainability Science and Management and Planning Malaysia Journal (PMJ), Scopus Index journal.