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Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills, is the largest state in Malaysia located on the island of Borneo. Once an almost mythical place of origin for headhunters and exotic wildlife, the destination’s now-bustling international business hub exterior dances seamlessly with its breath-taking natural sights; creating a special kind of magnetism that draws its visitors in completely.

Sarawak boasts an array of new world conveniences, easy accessibility and above all, a harmonious multi-cultural persona that is essentially one of the key factors to its success in the global business events arena.

With a pleasantly tropical climate all year round, Sarawak is the ideal environment for both nature and business events to flourish. Its versatile focus on both economic and social impact as a world-class business events destination makes it a fabulous host for a variety of conferences that want to leverage on REAL opportunities and incite REAL change.






In the olden days, Chinese traders migrating across the South China Sea tell stories of how a ravaging famine in a sleepy town was brought to an end by a sudden appearance of a swan flock flying across the sky. This earned Sibu the nickname “Swan City”, ultimately representing the new beginnings, peace and prosperity enjoyed by this special place and its residents ever since.


Today, Sibu is a thriving modern town with a charmingly earnest vibe that is ever-present in its vibrant landmarks and local culture. While its core economic industries center on timber and shipbuilding, Sibu is steadily gaining traction as a powerhouse for digital innovation, and strong community engagement for sustainable design and ICT4D initiatives.

It has also hosted an array of world-class business events, thanks to the pioneering spirit of its local industry partners, unique infrastructure and strong ties with governmental bodies.

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Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Sustainability Science and Management and Planning Malaysia Journal (PMJ), Scopus Index journal.